Bankruptcy: Things You Should Know

Sep 8, 2016 |

Filling for bankruptcy could be an overwhelming process. However, in dire times, one must keep a rational head. It is important not to rush into things and to get all the advice and research that one can get. That said, in filing for bankruptcy, deciding properly is really important. You must know if you should really do so and you should check and double check the options that you have available.

Here are some of the things that you should know:

It may not be the only option

If you were able to see the situation early, there might still be hope. Your situation may not be as bad as you think. It might be a good practice to seek out the help of experts on finance. It might be possible to still pay out your debts. You may consider cutting expenses and getting help from a debt consolidation expert. Seeking debt help from a credible source could help you develop a plan to get out of bankruptcy.

Types of Bankruptcy

If you are an individual, there is such a thing as liquidation bankruptcy. This is where the court sells your assets (except those that are exempt from sale) and uses the cash raised to pay your creditor. There is also the type (usually for corporations and partnerships) where you can figure out a reorganization plan. This means you may get to keep your assets and continue operating. However, the court must establish that by doing so, there is a good chance you will be able to pay your debt by continuing. This is definitely better than the first one. There is also a type where you can negotiate with your creditors and work out a payment plan.

Still another one lets you keep your properties if there’s a good chance that you would be able to pay your debt given your stable income.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

It might be best to get a good bankruptcy lawyer to see which one is applicable to your situation. So far, if you are decided on filing, the type is important. You might want to still keep your assets safe from liquidation and do your best to get back on your feet again. However, to do so, you have to prove to the court that you would be able to pay your debt eventually.

In order to find out which one is the least damaging for you, seeking important info about your bankruptcy is important. Just remember that all things will pass and with a good plan, this will pass as well, and everything will be alright.

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