debt relief tips

Stress-Free Ways To Deal With Debt

May 9, 2018 |

It’s no secret that debt, when left unmanaged, can wreak legitimate havoc on your life. It can cause sleepless nights, high levels of stress, and difficulties in your relationships. If you’ve been struggling with high levels of debt and haven’t found a solution yet, it’s time to break the problem down and start tackling it […more]

Strategies For Dealing With Your Debt Stress

May 1, 2018 |

Debt-related anxiety is a major problem for many Australians. If you’ve spent money on a credit card that you couldn’t really afford to pay back or found yourself receiving ongoing notices in the post that you hide in a drawer rather than opening, you’re probably all too familiar with this issue. Worrying about debt, particularly […more]

Small loans can cause big problems

Aug 23, 2015 |

A common trend for people who are unable to qualify for a personal loan or a debt consolidation loan with a bank or other mainstream lender, is to look to cash lenders or short term loans to help them meet cost of living payments. This sometimes can become a trap to escalating unaffordable debt with […more]

Debt under control – how to get it

Nov 12, 2014 |

The first step to getting your debt problem under controls is recognizing that you have one. Like any other problem, admitting is the key to turning your situation around. Here are some strategies to implement and follow through to avoid being “gobbled up by the Debt Monster”. Stop Spending on Credit If you are in […more]

Mistakes during credit repair and how to avoid them

Oct 26, 2014 |

ASIC and COSL are waging a war on credit repair agencies, claiming that many are not acting with integrity towards thw consumer, and essentially putting out a “consumer beware” message with respect to professional credit repair services. However in reality much of what is on offer is common sense. Do not be overly trusting and […more]

Debts into home loan – how to ?

Oct 12, 2014 |

When it comes to debt consolidation most borrowers tend to think of a low rate unsecured personal loan to absorb other high interest debts such as credit card balances, other small loans or outstanding bills and debts. However more and more borrowers are discovering the benefits of consolidating high cost debt into their mortgages. After […more]

Way to save more money on your account

Oct 5, 2014 |

No matter how much we earn, there is never enough money to go around. You may have observed this in your own life, but there does not seem to be more money saved as a result of increased wages. Invariably all that happens is that we adjust our spending up as our income increases. Anything […more]

Strategy for family to save thousands of dollars

Oct 2, 2014 |

We see many people who in an attempt to save a little on their unsecured loans will make every effort to consolidate these into a slightly cheaper personal loan. However not as many borrowers wish to review the costs of their mortgage. Your mortgage is probably one of your largest expenses, and it is this […more]

Explaining the facts of personal loan for debt consolidation

Sep 27, 2014 |

Unsecured Personal Loans for Debt Consolidation Most applicants are expecting to receive an unsecured personal loan when lodging an application for debt consolidation. This is however rarely the case. Certainly it s possible to qualify for an unsecured personal loan that will absorb a number of other higher interest unsecured debts – however these are […more]

Did you know that not all debts are the same

Sep 26, 2014 |

If you are looking for any measure of financial success in your life, understanding that not all debt is the same is probably one of the most significant concepts that you will need to come to grips with. The distinguishing factor about debt is not whether the loan is small or large but rather the […more]