Four reasons why you should study accounting

Nov 11, 2019 |

It certainly isn’t the most fashionable job. There is a notion that accountants are little grey men with no personality who sit in cubicles and crunch numbers all day. They are often referred to as ‘bean counters’ by the more gregarious folk in sales and marketing. But accounting is a critical part of the business in terms of managing cash flow, producing proper financial reports and ensuring that the senior management knows where they are financially at any point. It is a critical role. There are many reasons to study it and here are some of them.


A big consideration for many people before they commences with their studies is how will they fund their time at university. The good news, however, is that it is easier to get financial assistance for certain degrees than it is for others. And along with medicine and law the accounting study loan is one of the most favoured by lending institutions. It is generally deemed that a person who studies accounting is two things: employable (which means the ability to repay the loan) and financially savvy. So, if you have any concerns about where you are going to get the funds to pay your way through university, accounting is a great field to enter.


When you are still at school you may well be asked to complete a career aptitude test. This is a test that will assess your personality and give you pointers with regard to the type of job you should be considering. Accountancy suits certain types of personalities and you should be aware if you are one of these. Accountants have a strong sense of right and wrong. They tend to be more black-and-white in the way they view the world – as opposed to shades of grey. They like order and they are good problem solvers. They are good with maths and they love numbers. If these are traits that describe you, you could make the perfect accountant.


So much about studying involves around what career opportunities you will have when you graduate. There is an old joke that people like to tell that goes: What do you say to a person with a social science degree? Can I have chips with my burger as well, please? It is somewhat rude and not entirely true, but the reality is that there are far fewer people with accounting or finance, or engineering degrees who work as waiters and waitresses than there are arts and social science graduates. It is worth thinking about.

Building blocks

A good career path is developed around studies and skillsets. Accounting is a field that has many facets and opportunities to upskill and specialise and as such it is a great degree to start with. Once you have your basic qualifications nailed down you can start to expand your horizons and explore further opportunities. Often this can be done as on the job training, or your employers might be prepared to pay for additional studies. Whatever the case, it is a field that allows you to grow and improve yourself while earning well at the same time.


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